A Social History of Cultural Homogenisation (1789–1915)

The historical processes of state-led cultural homogenisation (1789–1915) has been a neglected area of investigation, even though practices of cultural homogenisation recurred throughout contemporary history, mostly under the umbrella of Westernising modernity. The research takes place within the theoretical framework of ‘critical modernism’. Not to be confused with the homonymous post-modernist approach, I redefine ‘critical modernism’ as an […]

Cultural globalisation

My second line of research revolves around the broad impact of cultural globalisation on nationalism/ethnic conflict, exploring how both are deeply related to changing – yet crucial – political concepts, such as democracy [21-25], self-determination [26], new notions of sovereignty [27, 28], war [8, 29], the Left-Right divide [12, 30-32] and ‘secularised’ ethno-religion [33]. This […]